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Amelia started Plant-Powered PR in the fall of 2017, a marketing agency targeted solely at ethical and highly conscious businesses that runs remotely between Ireland and the UK. It’s an idea that was years in the making from conceptualisation to actualisation, and was born out of two simple ideas coming together.

Ethical Businesses Are Falling Behind

'Marketing' or 'sales' still has a stigma around it. It's a mixture of ethical, and unethical. Highly ethical businesses are failing at marketing because they're limited by not thinking big enough, or because they're unwilling to 'sell' themselves. Compare an eco-friendly, vegan, highly ethical version of a product to a regular one. Which has a sleeker website, a more powerful sales funnel, and a higher annual turnover? Which is a household brand? If the answer isn't the ethical one, then why not?

We want ethical businesses to not just match their competitors, but to lead the way.

We Try More When We're Passionate

Did you start your company selling eco-friendly dishwasher tablets, or solar panels, or your vegan shoe company, or your cat sanctuary, because you wanted to get rich, or because you were bored? No. You started it because you had a dream, and passion. Because you love the planet, and want to make sure it's still there for your children to enjoy. Or because you love animals, and don't like seeing cows tortured and killed for fashion. Or because you love cats.

Now you put a marketing team in place to promote that product, or company, or concept. They need to love your product as much as you do.

Your success is our success, and our success is yours. Because ultimately, we're working towards the same goal.

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Who are we? We’re a small (but watch this space, we’ll be growing) team of highly motivated, passionate people, canines, and felines.

  • Based in Ireland

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Book Learning 89%
Broccoli 45%
Coffee 70%
Tofu 62%
  • Based in the UK

Powered By…

Coca Cola 80%
Hummus 85%
Cat Hair 47%
Video Games 74%
MymbleOffice Management
  • Based in Ireland

Powered By…

Balls. Balls. Balls. 96%
Peanut Butter 70%
Belly Rubs 73%
Stolen Cat Food 68%

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Based near Galway, but helping businesses all over Ireland and the UK. Let’s go for lunch.

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